To be or not to be.

As the political parties gear up for the 2014 elections, where they will promise us this, that and the other thing, I cannot help but think that no matter what happens, nothing will change. Even should the republicans regain control of the senate, any piece of legislation they pass must give into the democrats to some degree or face the presidents veto pen. Should the election maintain the status quo, the current version of the “do nothing congress” will, well, do nothing. 

These are midterm elections, and state elections, so while the media will fall over themselves to get the story, they will only capture the attention of a certain amount of the people at large. Who will turn out, who will stay home? These are the real questions and one has to ask, does it really matter. We the people are frustrated, fed up with the petty politics of today, yet we are also disenchanted with the system. “What does it matter?” we ask ourselves, “nothing will change.”

It does matter. Our vote is our opportunity to send a message. Things may not change the way we want them too, but if we do nothing, then we have no right to complain.